Our Team

HQEXO | Executive Team

Robert Sayles
Owner / Founder
Shelton McCallop
Chief Executive Officer
Derek George
Chief Operating Officer

HQFLT | Flight Operations

Justin Caughenbaugh
ORD Flight Operations Manager
Alex Story
EWR Flight Operations Manager
Evan Webb
Director of Flight Operations
Aaron Schwartz
Vice President of Flight Operations
Nick Humphreys
IAD/IAH Flight Operations Manager
Javier Rocha
Flight Instructor
Joshua Williams
SFO/LAX Flight Operations Manager

HQMSR | Member & Staff Relations

Royal Reynolds
Member and Staff Relations Manager

HQCOM | Marketing & Development

Jay Kidder
Vice President of World Communications and Development
Richard Toth
Graphic Design Manager
Roman Osinchuk
Director of Graphic Design

HQTEC | Technology

Keith Lovell
Director Of ACARS
Giovanni Medrano
Vice President of Technology